Name: Guido Wulf
Gender: Male
Date of birth: August 2nd, 1975
Place of residence: Lichtenau-Herbram (near Paderborn), Germany
Occupation: Employed by a german chip-card manufacturer as Senior Developer

How it all began...

I first got hooked on New Model Army in the year 1990 when a friend of mine got a tape from his uncle with the self titled mini album on it (White Coats, etc.) which we listened to all day long.
Of course we had to get all the other releases so far and we did :-)

From then on New Model Army was my favorite band but it took until the year 2000 to see them playing live - the 20th anniversary shows in Cologne. And me let say this: no matter if it's New Model Army, Justin Sullivan, Red Sky Coven or any other band/project by those people playing in your area - go and see them, it will blow you away!

After getting a digital camera in 2002 I started taking photos during the concerts I went to and the results can be found at this site.


I started with a Canon Powershot A40 digital camera (2.0 megapixel) in 2002 and upgraded to a Powershot A60 (2.0 megapixel) in 2003. Since 2007 I'm using a Powershot A540. No other equipment used.