'Green And Grey'

New Model Army & Related Concert Photos

Welcome to 'Green And Grey', a site that features live concert photos of the band 'New Model Army' and it's related projects 'Justin Sullivan & Friends" and 'Red Sky Coven' which I took at several gigs during the last few years.

The quality of the pictures ranges from 'rather good' to 'a bit shaky' but please bear with me - anyone who tried to take a sharp picture during an Army gig from out of the crowd certainly knows that it sounds a lot easier than it is ;-)

For navigating the picture galleries please use the menu on the left side of the browser window.

For further information on 'New Model Army', 'Justin Sullivan & Friends' and 'Red Sky Coven' please visit the official website at www.newmodelarmy.org.

If you want to contact me please send an eMail to gwulfATgmxDOTde.

Guido Wulf